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A tribute to the late, great Shawn Smith, one of the most beautiful voices and souls to have come from the Seattle music scene.  Recorded in Muraki's home studio.

Soar endlessly and be free Shawn~

Video from Muraki's electro/synthwave band "Surrealized" for the song "Feelings, part two" found on the band's latest album "Density" (video created and edited by Kimo Muraki)

On May 30th, 2012 a lone shooter claimed the lives of four beautiful souls at Cafe Racer, a local favorite hang in Seattle.  This is an audience cell phone vid from a performance to benefit the victims' families.  The song was written by Andrew "Schmootzi the Clod" Keriakedes, a veteran musician, circus pioneer and employee of Cafe Racer who was one of the victims that morning.

The intimate vibe and amazing audience participation makes this a very special and incredible memory.

A tribute to John Prine with my great friend and beautiful singer, Danielle Henry.  Remote video collaboration during them 'ol pandemic times.

So i dropped out of college to follow the Grateful Dead.  Best education i ever done did.  Recorded in sweatpants (bestpants) at my home studio.

Well... it's me, Purple Rain, and a banjo... that about says it all?  Performed on a deck overlooking the Puget Sound one morning at Doe Bay Fest on Orcas Island.

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